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Black Urban know how much happy travelling is important for a healthy mind so let us take you sightseeing in Vancouver. Vancouver is surely a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Today, we want to share this passion without our readers too. So let’s talk about some  majestic tourist points of this city that may help you create a rough itinerary for your upcoming Vancouver trip. Vancouver Limousine Service.

English Bay Beach

English-Bay-BeachEnglish Bay is the most crowded area all around the year in Vancouver. This beach is quite famous for its sunsets all over Vancouver. It is recommended to visit the beach during sunset hours. And watch a miracle of nature in all of its glory. Many of other famous tourist attractions like Stanley park and Jericho beach like around English Bay. If you step in the city and decide to roam it all day, make sure you end your day with an English Bay Beach Sunset.

Granville Island

Granville-IslandGranville Island used to be an industrial manufacturing area. Now it is a really famous tourist attraction point and a marketplace too. The island is still a marketplace serving as center of almost 275 businesses.  Furthermore, thousands of employments. If one wants to see the different ethinicities, foods and cultures of Canadian residents, this marketplace is a must visit point.

Queen Elizabeth Park


Queen Elizabeth Park is a municipal park covering 130 acres of land. It is on top of a mountain called little mountain. Moreover, the rock of this mountain was used in the making the very first roads of Vancouver in 20th century. There are many spots worth visiting in this majestic park;

  • Arboretum
  • Celebration Pavilion
  • Bloedel Floral Conservatory
  • Fountains / Plaza
  • Quarry Gardens
  • Painters’ Corner
  • Sculpture

Furthermore, people come to this park for jogging, strolling and playing Tennis. So make sure you also indulge in all of these fun activities and enjoy yourself.

Vancouver Seawall

Vancouver-SeawallStanley park is a pretty famous recreational park in Vancouver. And Vancouver Seawall is a wall constructed around this park. This wall was constructed to protect the park’s foreshore against erosion. Now this wall has a pathway that is beautifully narrow. And walking and cycling here is soothing. Be sure to take a scroll on pedestrian side of this wall and enjoy the view.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen-Botanical-GardenVanDusen Botanical Garden covers an area of almost 55 acres and it is filled with plants from all over the world. The plant types and their display in this garden are amazing as it is managed by two prestigious departments of Vancouver; Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association and Vancouver Park Board. The autumn colors of this park are breathtaking and if you happen to visit Vancouver in fall, this scenery is not to be missed.

Jericho Beach

Jericho-BeachJericho beach is most quiet and serene tourist attraction point in Vancouver. Furthermore, this beach is surrounded by greenery, which is a park called Jericho Beach Park. This park has a pond too, and it is also a very famous picnic spot for the residents. Moreover, there are a lot of recreational activities and games that people who visit this beach, indulge themselves in. For example, soccer, volleyball, baseball and picnics.

Chamber Restaurant

Chamber-RestaurantThis is the most sought after restaurant of Vancouver. As you must have noticed, this tour guide is mostly bent towards nature spots, beaches and parks because we believe the real soul of a place is in its naturally bloomed places. But at the end of a tiring day filled with nature all of us crave a delicious dining in a civilized restaurant. Furthermore, this is where this Belgian themed restaurant comes in. Their cocktails are quite famous that get served in quite a chic environment. Enjoy your sightseeing in Vancouver.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

This park is spread across 2160 acres of land and it surrounds the shores of Georgia Strait in the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, f you are a hiking enthusiast, this park might be the best choice for you to visit as it has almost 73 km worth of hiking tracks ready be explored by you. 50km of these tracks are made in a way to be used for cycling and horse riding too.

Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Dr.-Sun-Yat-Sen-Classical-Chinese-GardenDr. Sun Yat-Sen is the first Chinese Garden that is not located in China. The park was built to make people understand Chinese culture a little better and use it as a bridge for harmony. Moreover, the park was built with precision and even the details of the park were made like the places in China where the temperature is similar to Vancouver. So, the Vancouver weather matches a Chinese city called Suzhou, and this park is filled with all the plant varieties found in Suzhou. Enjoy your sightseeing in Vancouver.