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How to make Most Out of Your Upcoming Toronto Trip

Toronto-tripToronto is the center of Films, music and the rest of the entertainment industry of Canada. People from all over the world come to Toronto for witnessing it in all of its glory. Few of the world’s biggest film festivals and conferences are held in Toronto. Toronto International Film Festival is the biggest film event of the year that take place in Toronto every year and it is loaded with all the Hollywood stars. Roaming a city s amazing as Toronto can be a big challenge for a tourist as well as a local, especially if you have no idea about which places to go to or how to reach there. The biggest disadvantage to being a tourist is that most cab companies rip you off as you don’t know the norms of the region. If you want to enjoy this city’s serenity to the fullest, it is important that your road travel must be comfortable. Black Urban is here with the kind of road travel that isn’t just comfortable and carefree but classy and graceful too. If you are planning to have tour around Toronto, Chauffeur Driven Limos in Toronto should be your go-to option.

High Park

High-ParkHigh Park is a 400 acre wide spread municipal park, present in the heart of Toronto. This park has many sections and divisions and it can be called as one of the biggest parks of the world with all rounder facilities. The high park has recreational and sporting facilities as well as educational facilities. This park has a zoo too, having all sorts of exotic animals. One cannot get bored in a park like this that is full of hanging gardens, lowered gardens and lakes. Make sure to visit this beautiful park and all of its sections. Following are some points of interest in High Park;

  • Colborne Lodge
  • Gardens
  • Cherry Trees
  • Grenadier Café
  • High Park Nature Centre
  • High Park Zoo
  • Capybaras
  • Shakespeare in High Park

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti-AlleyGraffiti Alley is on the South side of Queen street and the reason why we think this alley is a must visit is because you can learn a lot about a city by its graffiti. This alley is filled with bright colors and dreamy art. Sure, when someone visits a city, he goes to all the posh areas and the big restaurants. But the real fun is when you get the street food and walk around the city and watch the people. And this alley is where you get to see the stories of Toronto and its people in depth.

Toronto Islands



Toronto islands are a bunch a small island present in the Lake Ontario. Th best way to reach these islands is by a ferry ride. You can set aside one evening of serenity for this ferry ride and enjoy a sunset in the Lake Ontario on the Toronto Islands. The Toronto islands are based upon 6 islands;

  • Mugg’s Island
  • Forestry Island
  • Snake Island
  • South Chippewa Island
  • South Island
  • RCYC Island

Casa Loma

Casa-LomaCasa Loma is a gothic style architectural building in Toronto that is surrounded by prettiest gardens of the town. This mansion has 3 floors and a basement and almost 100 rooms in total. After being used a residency by many of its owners, this mansion has been converted into a museum and belongs to the state now. The gardens surrounding this mansion are beautiful and taking a stroll around them has a serene and soothing effect.

Entertainment district

Entertainment-districtEntertainment district is the center of theatrical arts and performances of Toronto. The area is also full of nightclubs and can be called as the epitome of fun with the night life of Toronto. If you want to enjoy the night-life of Toronto, you must visit the entertainment district. But its not just happening in the night time as it is a colorful and vibrant area in day time too.