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5 Attractions in London You Shouldn’t Miss


Black Urban is here with a list of 5 attractions in London you shouldn’t miss and our limousine services in London will make your tour a lot more convenient. London is one of the most famous cities in the world and England. It is the capital of England and holds an eight million-plus population. Life in the city is busy, and everyone is hustling to make it through the day. It is hard finding an excellent cab service that will chauffeur you around London the whole day, especially if arriving with class is your thing. This is why we are here to make you understand why it is essential to book a road travel partner just like you book a flight in advance. Black Car Service in London is here to take care of all your needs from the moment you step outside the airport to the moment it’s time to go back to the airport. Limousine Service in London will make your tour a lot more convenient and peaceful. Following is a list of 5 attractions in London you shouldn’t miss;

Buckingham Palace

 Buckingham-Palace attraction of londonThe Buckingham Palace is the residency of the Queen of England and the rest of the Royal family. It is also the administrative headquarters for the state affairs. This great building is a model of the ancient history of England as it was built in 1703. And it became the London residence for the British Royalty after Queen Victoria’s successions in 1837. There is a total of 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace. This majestic palace has its own post office, cinema, swimming pool, doctor’s surgery room, and a jeweler’s workshop.

The rear of Buckingham Palace is the most significant private garden of London, where all the annual parties of the royalty of England are held. There are regular visits offered for the Buckingham Palace and its gardens. The views from any angle at any time of these gardens are stunning and serene.

If you visit London, don’t forget to visit the Buckingham Palace too with Black Urban which is available as a London limo in England. Let us know what you think of these 5 attractions in London you shouldn’t miss in the comment section.

British Museum

British-Museum in londonBritish Museum is like a heaven to the art enthusiasts and artists. This whole museum is dedicated to human arts and culture. The entire collection of this museum is considered to be one of the most extensive collections of fine arts in the whole world. All of these permanent collection pieces of this fantastic museum amount to almost 8 million, and that’s magnificent in its way. There is a total of 10 departments in the museum, all filled with their very own genre of human artworks and pieces.

The department of Egypt and Sudan holds almost 100,000 pieces that date back to 10,000 BC. All the pieces are arranged in a storytelling order that points towards the legends of the Nile valley and from Coptic time up to the present day. The rest of the departments are also just as exciting and hold a few of the most precious and ancient art pieces of world history. Their names are as follows;

  • Department of Greece and Rome
  • Department of Middle East
  • Department of Prints & Drawings
  • Department of Britain, Europe, and Pre-History
  • Department of Asia
  • Department of Africa, Oceania, and America
  • Department of Coins and Medals
  • Department of Conservative and Scientific Research
  • Libraries and Archives

The routes to this museum are best travelled when travelled in a luxurious car with a uniformed and hospitable chauffeur, so make sure you hire London limousine service for your journey.

Victoria and Albert Museum

5 attractions Victoria-and-Albert-MuseumVictoria and Albert Museum is commonly known as the V&A museum and it is the biggest decorative arts museum of the world. Its permanent collection of works and pieces holds a total of 2.27 million pieces. This majestic museum was established almost 168 years ago so not just the art in it, but the building itself is an example of glorious days of the Queen’s reign. There are many collections in the museum and they are all equally majestic and ancient. All of these display the depth of human arts and feeling shown within a decorative manner. The collections of V&A museum are as follows;

  • Architecture
  • Asia
  • British Galleries
  • Ceramics
  • Childhood
  • Design, Architecture and Digital
  • Fashion & Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Metalwork
  • Photography
  • Prints and Books
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Theatre

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Hyde Park


This is the most beautiful destination among all of the 5 attractions in London you shouldn’t miss. Hyde Park is the most beautiful and serene park present in the heart of London. This is one of the four largest parks in London. This park serves as one of the links in the chain entrance made for the Buckingham Palace. The park has two charming and delightful lakes named Serpentine and The Long Water Lake. There are many great sitting spots and strolling pathways in this park, but some few places include;

  • Speaker’s Corner
  • Tyburn Gallows
  • Rotten Town
  • The Crystal Palace

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London Eye

attractions of londonAlmost all famous cities have an observation wheel that soon becomes a landmark and a famous tourist destination as vendors and cafes and markets set up around it to facilitate the visitors and increase business. The same way, the London eye is aa famous tourist spot and climbing it provides a serene view of the city. This spot contributes a lot to the annual tourism revenue of London and continues to be a great place to have fun.

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