Lollapalooza Chicago 2022

Sep 20, 2023

Where is Lollapalooza 2020 happening?

It is taking place at the Grant Park, Chicago just like every other year. Lollapalooza Chicago 2020 is grand music festival held every year in Grant Park, Chicago. This event was held as a farewell for Perry Farrel’s band Jane’s Addiction. 

The event did surprisingly well and the organizers knew it had to come back. And so began the journey of Lollapalooza being one of the biggest music festivals of the years. There sure have been bumps in the road and the event has been cancelled few times due to lack of ticket sales but it has always found its way back. Now it has expanded quite well and along with concerts, there are art exhibitions, circus and much more entertaining aspects for the public to enjoy.

Lollapalooza Limo Service

It goes on for 4 days and is the most sought after singers and punk rock bands perform on this festival. The performances here include alternative rock, punk rock and hip hop. But the genres of performances aren’t just limited to these.

Last year, Ariana Grande was the star of the show. As all of the famous and muh awaited music festivals, Lollapalooza is also going to be a crowded event just like previous years. Black Urban is a proud part-taker in the transportation services of Lollapalooza 2019 and aims to make its services even better for Lollapalooza Chicago 2020. Book Lollapalooza Limo Service now!

Lollapalooza Chicago 2020 Limo Service

All of the ride packages of Black Urban Limo Services are tailored to your specific needs. Our fleet is full of deluxe cars that are able to provide a comfortable and graeful ride to you. Our chauffeurs are uniformed and trained well to cater to your needs.

Lollapalooza aftershows are amazing too. They indulge in meet and greet and their driving and navigation skills are excellent. All of your rides are GPD tracked to make sure you reach your destination safe and sound. Black Urban Lollapalooza Chicago  Limo Service are here to make this music festival unforgettably convenient for you. Book your ride for Lollapalooza Chicago Music Festival now!

Shuttle service for Lollapalooza

Witness our finest of services this year at the Lollapalooza Chicago  Limo. If you are flying to Chicago to attend this event, our airport services are quite famous.

You can easily book an airport pickup ride through the website and our chauffeur will be there to pick you up with the deluxe car of your choice. Make sure to inform us in the booking procedure that your ride is airport related. Shuttle service for Lollapalooza is also available.

When it comes to having options among the types of cars you might like, our fleet is quite big. You can have an SUV pick you up, and you can have a limo bus too. Who created Lollapalooza? The founder of Lollapalooza is Perry Farrel. Many people like to go to such event with all of their friends and a Party Bus is the best option to go anywhere with your friends. You can have drinks on your way and enjoy yourselves on the way to the music festival.

Lollapalooza Limo transportation

We make sure that our clients enjoy themselves while on road and we try to cater to all of their needs.

On this special occasion, Lollapalooza limo service downtown chicago transportation is providing a 10% discount upon booking of 7 or more rides. So, if you book 2 rides for each day, you can avail this amazing discount. All of our cars are bulletproof and we make no compromise over safety.

Also, there are handicap friendly rides available too. And if you have any other query regarding the safety measures of the Coronavirus precautionary measures we take in our rides, make sure to reach our support staff through email or call anytime. Our support services are available 24x7. Have a Happy Lollapalooza this year!