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When is the NBA All Star Dunk Contest 2023?


The electrifying NBA All-Star Dunk Contest returns in 2023! On February 18, witness some of the most incredible dunkers from across the league as they compete on a slam dunk stage at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City. So get ready for an epic night of hoops entertainment and cheer your favorite player to victory – it will be an unforgettable event!

What is the NBA All Star Dunk Contest?

The NBA All Star Dunk Contest is an annual event held during the NBA All-Star Weekend, where selected players showcase their dunking skills and creativity in front of a panel of judges and a live audience. The contest has been a staple of the NBA All-Star Weekend since 1976 and has produced some of the most memorable moments in basketball. The latest winner of the contest is Mac McClung, who stole the show with his impressive dunks and took home the trophy at the 2023 AT&T Slam Dunk Contest.

When Does NBA All-Star Voting End?

The NBA All-Star Game is a celebration of the best players in the league. Fans have a say in who gets to participate in this prestigious event through voting—the voting period for the 2023 NBA All-Star Game ended on January 22, 2023.

What Are the 2023 NBA Skills Contest Rules?

The 2023 NBA Skills Contest will feature a new format that promises to be even more thrilling than previous years. Here are the rules for this year’s competition:

Round 1: Team Shooting

  • During this round of competition, three teams will be vying for the title.
  • Players from each team will take shots from five assorted spots on the court, ranging between 10 feet and 30 feet away.
  • Every team must fire off at least one shot from each court area.
  • When it’s all said and done, the team with the most points accumulated will be crowned victor of Round 1, plus an additional bonus of 100 points.

Round 2: Passing

  • All three players from each team will participate together.
  • Each group is required to attempt at least one pass toward each goal.
  • Successive passes between individual players in the same direction are prohibited.
  • The team that clocks in with the quickest time will be rewarded 200 points, plus win Round 2.

Round 3: Dribbling

  • All three players from each team will participate together.
  • As they run down the court, each player must expertly maneuver through a series of obstacles while keeping their dribble alive.
  • The team with the fastest time wins Round 3, plus 300 points.

Round 4: Shooting Stars

  • Every team will have three players participate in unison.
  • Each player must hit a half-court shot before moving on to a layup or dunk attempt.
  • The first player must hit a half-court shot before passing to the second player, who must also hit a half-court shot before passing to the third player.
  • If your team clocks the quickest time in Round 4, you will be rewarded with an impressive 400 points and ultimate victory.

The team with the total points after all four rounds is declared the winner of the NBA Skills Contest. With this new format, fans can expect an even more exciting and competitive event.

Where Can I Watch NBA All Star Game?

The NBA All-Star Game is broadcasted on several networks, including TNT and ESPN. In addition, sports fanatics can now watch the game in real-time by streaming it through Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV.

What Station Is The NBA All-Star Game On?

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game was broadcasted on TNT. This network has been broadcasting the game for several years and provides excellent coverage of all aspects of the event.

When is the next NBA All-Star Weekend?

The next NBA All-Star Weekend is scheduled for February 17-19, 2024, at Indiana Pacers at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. From thrilling competitions such as the NBA All-Star Game, Slam Dunk Contest, and Three-Point Contest to skillful challenges like the Skills Challenge, this event promises a fascinating array of exciting games for everyone.

Who is eligible to participate in the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest?

Players who are selected to participate in the NBA All-Star Weekend can choose to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest, subject to the league’s approval. Typically, the league invites four players to participate in the contest, although this number can vary from year to year.

How are the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest and Skills Challenge winners determined?

A panel of judges determines the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest and Skills Challenge winners. The judges score each player’s performance on a scale of 6 to 10, with the highest and lowest scores dropped and the remaining three scores averaged to determine the player’s final score.

Can fans attend the NBA All-Star Weekend in person?

Yes, fans can attend the NBA All-Star Weekend in person, although tickets can be difficult to obtain and are typically sold through official channels. In addition to the energetic competitions and engaging games, the NBA All-Star Weekend offers many impressive fan events and activities.


In conclusion, basketball fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the annual NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. This year’s contest did not disappoint as Mac McClung stole the show with his impressive dunks to win over Trey Murphy III of the Pelicans in an exciting showdown. While we wait for next year’s contest, fans can enjoy watching other exciting games from their favorite teams and players throughout the season on various networks and streaming platforms.