Which super bowl champion recorded the grammy award nominated song "super bowl shuffle"?

Sep 16, 2023

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in American football, with the winning team being crowned as the champion of the NFL (National Football League). While many people only focus on the football aspect of the event, it is also a time when many memorable moments occur, both on and off the field. One such moment was recording the Grammy Award nominated song "The Super Bowl Shuffle" by the 1985 Chicago Bears. In this article, we will explore the history of the championship team, their achievements, what the Grammy Awards are, and answer some frequently asked questions about the song.

History of the Chicago Bears Football:

The Franchise Chicago Bears were founded in 1919 and are one of the founding members of the NFL. They have a rich history, winning eight NFL championships and one Super Bowl in 1985. The team was led by their legendary head coach, Mike Ditka, and quarterback Jim McMahon, who would lead the team to victory in Super Bowl XX. The team also featured several future Hall of Famers, including Walter Payton, Mike Singletary, and Richard Dent.

Chicago Bears Football Achievements:

The 1985 Chicago Bears had a dominant season, finishing the regular season with a 15-1 record, the best in the NFL. Through perseverance and determination, they managed to prevail in three playoff games - the crowning achievement being a resounding 46-10 win against the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl. The team was known for its strong defense, nicknamed the "46 Defense" due to its formation. The defense was so dominant that they only allowed 198 points during the regular season, the fewest in the NFL.

What are the Grammy Awards?

Acknowledging excellence in the music industry, the Grammys have been held each year since 1959 to honor distinguished achievements. These esteemed awards, also known as the Recording Academy Awards, have become one of the most revered honors within this sector. The awards are presented in various categories, including Best Rap Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Rock Album.

Super Bowl Champion Recorded Grammy Award Nominated Song "Super Bowl Shuffle"

The 1985 Chicago Bears made their mark in history by releasing the now-Grammy Award nominated song "The Super Bowl Shuffle," a musical masterpiece that forever sealed their place in sports legend. The song was recorded amid the team's successful season and was released as a single, reaching #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was performed by several team members and became a hit, reflecting the team's confident and lighthearted attitude. In 1986, the song gained immense recognition in Best Rhythm & Blues Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the prestigious Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, it did not take home an award that year. Despite this, "The Super Bowl Shuffle" remains a memorable part of the team's championship season and a piece of NFL history.


When was "The Super Bowl Shuffle" recorded?

The song was recorded in late 1985 during the Bears' championship season.

Who wrote "The Super Bowl Shuffle"?

The song was written by Willie D and James Prince of the Geto Boys.

How did the Bears come up with the idea to record "The Super Bowl Shuffle"?

The idea to record the song came from Bears' defensive end Richard Dent, who wanted to create a fun way to celebrate the team's success.

How did "The Super Bowl Shuffle" perform on the charts?

The song reached #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was a hit among fans of the team and the NFL.

Was "The Super Bowl Shuffle" the first song a professional sports team recorded?

Although not the first of its kind, "The Super Bowl Shuffle" stands out as one of the earliest songs recorded by a professional sports team and has been an iconic hit to this day.


The 1985 Chicago Bears will always be remembered for their dominant championship season and innovative recording of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." The song reflects the confident and lighthearted attitude of the team and remains a memorable part of their legacy. While the song may not have won a Grammy Award, it remains a piece of NFL history and a testament to the team's spirit. In addition, the Bears' success on the field and in the recording studio is a testament to their talent and creativity and will always be remembered as a highlight of the NFL.