Black Urban Limousine Service always makes sure to get hold of the newest model of all black cars in the market to facilitate our clients with spacious and comfortable services where our clients can enjoy their journey.

Business Class Limo Car


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the standard chauffeur driven car for any journey.

Business SUV Limo Car


Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey in the Red carpet Style SUV with a stylish entertainment package.

Business Van Limo


The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is a comfortable and spacious travel solution, ideal for extra capacity,legroom & luggage.

Stretch Limo Car


Finest choice for a special event, like prom, wedding or as a guest appearance.


By the virtue of our pleasing nature and steered by our professional approach, Black Urban Limo offers the best and most competitive prices.


Your drive and style are safe and sound with Black Urban Limo. We understand your panache and we ensure that your dignity and elegance are fantastically mirrored at the onlookers.


Now you can enjoy the pleasures of booking and paying for your seat before you travel, making your ridesharing experience that much better.


Black Urban Limo presents the most inventive way in command to book a professional, dependable. and committed.

Create Your Account and Benefit More

Having  an  account  brings a lot of  benefits  to you, it eliminates  all  the  hassle. An account with Black Urban,  comes with benefits such as a Dedicated Portal where you  can  Book/manage your reservations.  Manage your receipts,  view  all  the history,  get  access to mobile apps, Chauffeur information 24 hours before scheduled Pick up, Chauffeur and vehicle tracking. And Most importantly an account can be set up with Corporate rates and a 24/7  dedicated Account  Manager.  Talk to us  about  creating your dedicated Account.

Want to know more?

We always make sure to get hold of the newest model of cars on the market to furnish our clients with a spacious, comforting area where you can take care of business during journeys.

Hourly Booking

Business Class

$ 80
  • 3 Passanger
  • Suitcase: 3 Small or 2 Large
  • Business Class
  • Pay via Credit / Debit card
  • Pay to Chauffeur / Driver

Business SUV

$ 125
  • 5 Passanger
  • Suitcase: 3 Large or 5 Small
  • Business SUV
  • Pay via Credit / Debit card
  • Pay to Chauffeur / Driver

Stretch Limo

$ 150
  • 7 Passanger
  • Suitcase: 3 Large Or 5 Small
  • Stretch Limo
  • Pay via Credit / Debit card
  • Pay to Chauffeur / Driver

Business Van

$ 175
  • 14 Passanger
  • Suitcase: 6 Small or 2 Large
  • 2 packages
  • pay via credit card
  • Minimum 2 hours

Professional Black Car Service

Standard   Black  Limo service  based on  many things  which include  the latest  vehicles,  comfortable traveling  with  style,  and luxury.  Black Urban  focuses  on  its  services which   include   luxury vehicles  according  to different  events  along  with  that  mainly  focuses  on Black Urban  Chauffeurs  Service  which  includes hiring  a  professional  chauffeur  for  its   professional  training  so  they  will  be  able  to  deliver   service  with maximum  customer   satisfaction.  Chauffeur   plays  the  most  vital  role  in  providing  standard   quality  Limousine  service in Chicago, San Francisco, Miami,  Toronto,  and  other locations.

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