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  • Prevention of COVID-19

    Black Urban has been taking strict measures for the prevention of COVID-19. Our mandatory sanitization rules, safety precautions, and immense hygiene practices are the result of zero cases among the team members. 

    For clearing any doubts, feel free to contact our customer support at any time. Discuss the preventive measures, current packages, and type of car. We make sure to provide you a safe traveling experience in this uncertain time.


    Strict Hygiene Rules 

    Thorough cleaning and deep sanitization between rides are our key rules. Besides this, separate hand sanitizers are available for both chauffeurs and clients. Sick employees are strictly advised to stay at home and follow the quarantine protocols. For maintaining a good distance, we recommend every client to sit in the back seat. In short, we have revamped every policy and rule as per the current global pandemic.

    Masks and Shields 

    For adhering to the mandatory safety rules, we make it essential for every client and chauffeur to wear a mask. Besides this, every car is equipped with a protective shield between the driver’s seat and the client’s seat.


    Mandatory Temperature Checking 

    Without any compromise and delay, every chauffeur of Black Urban goes through the temperature checking process every day. This gives us peace of mind and inner satisfaction of providing a safe traveling service.

    COVID-Testing Facility 

    Undoubtedly, the contagion has left miserable memories in our minds. Though we strictly follow all precautionary measures at every step, we also announce a driver testing facility. This is an on-request facility and is added to give an immense peace of mind. 


    Inter City / State Traveling 

    For maintaining social distancing, inter-city flights are mostly unavailable. This is creating a big hurdle for short-distance traveling. In this scenario, Black Urban has launched a new service for inter-city clients. 

    A long-travel service perfectly replicates the inter-city flight options. If you cannot find a flight, book a convenient ride at Black Urban and reach your destination with ease. 

    These long-range and short-range travel services are available in Chicago, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, and any other city you live in. Book us and we will whisk you away to your destination by a healthy chauffeur.